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Fin Sugoi
Fin Sugoi

Fin Sugoi

Noona is a groupie of J-Rock Idol “Makoto” the lead singer of “†яi¢к” (Trick) band. She has one dream to spend a night with him and she will be forever happy. That does not go well with her jealous boyfriend Sua Krong, a Judo athlete. Even though Noona feels guilty, the desire to be close to her idol is too much to disobey. At last Makoto and his †яi¢к band comes to Thailand to open a concert. More importantly, they want to find a Thai girl to star in their new music video. Noona tries every way to get this chance, with the help of her buddies Moo Ham and Kai Tong, until it looks like her dream might actually come true. Little does she know that Moo Ham has a secret crush on her. On the other hand, Sua Krong feels completely lost by this whole thing. No one knows what will happen next after Noona’s dream has come true. Will Moo Ham be able to take care of her feeling? Will Sua Krong ever understand Noona? And who will be the one who really makes her dream come true?

Duration: 110 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0