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Ryuzaki, an editor of Muscle Magazine, which features photographs of men with sculpted bodies, becomes involved with a man named Kitami; their affair soon becomes dominated by sadomasochistic games, with a horrid result. Jump ahead one year, Ryuzaki is released from jail and goes in search of Kitami, perhaps to make amends. The films of Pasolini, especially "Salò," dominate Ryuzaki's imagination; he works sometimes at the Lunatic Theatre, which shows films about rough trade; and, he becomes involved with a couple into BDSM. Will Ryuzaki find Kitami, and what will happen if he does?

Genre: Drama , Horror , Thriller

Actor: Simon Kumai , You Suzuki , Kiyomi It , June , Mabze , Takeshi It

Director: Hisayasu Sat

Writer: Shir Yumeno

Country: Japan

Release: 1989-03-03

Duration: 58 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0